The Slavov Lab recently got some embroidered team sweaters, so I decided to rework our old logo design with the help of some of my colleagues (s.o. to Annie Schide for the beautiful ribosomes!)

Northeastern University recently got a brand-new re-branding, from the great designers over at Upstatement. My first attempts at a sweater-friendly logo were closely led by Northeastern’s Brand Book.


Some vanilla stuff, based on the strict guidelines in the brand book:

Lab Branding

We next decided to try to incorporate our rainbow colors from last round

For the second row here, I followed the advice of my friend Mike and saturated/darkened some of the lighter colors.

It also doesn’t look bad stacked vertically:


Our lab likes ribosomes, so we decided to try to make a graphic out of a bunch of them translating on an mRNA!

Getting our ribosomes to look less like birds on a power line…

And finally, our design on different backgrounds: