Check out my first first-author publication (preprint – hopefully published soon) DART-ID!

Update - published in PLOS Computational Biology:

Newest posters first, older ones last

2019-05-06 – EB / ASBMB 2019

Presented at the annual American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) meeting in 2019, as part of the Experimental Biology (EB) conference in Orlando FL.

2019-03-15 – RSC Twitter Poster

Check out my Twitter poster for the RSC 2019 Twitter Conferece

2019-03-09 – NEU RISE Poster

Poster for Northeastern’s RISE Expo


Presented at ASBMB The Active Site Regional Meeting 2018, hosted at Northeastern University. 1 of 3 winners for best poster, and won $500 travel award to EB 2019 Conference in Orlando.


Presented at the Single Cell Proteomics 2018 conference, hosted at Northeastern University