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Journal of Medical Insight (jomi.com)

BLOOD, GORE WARNING: Don’t scroll down, or click on the links, if you don’t want to see surguries!!!

High-quality, cutting-edge surgical video articles


I joined JOMI in high school (~2014) and worked to port their Python/Django website to WordPress/PHP (this version of the site is still hosted at http://old.jomi.com/. Although it started out as a slightly modified blogging site, it required a lot more work as we implemented features such as institutional access management. This work was done with my friends/colleagues Kevin and Philip Seifi. In addition to web development, I also got to work in design, attend start-up events and hackathons, and even help film a live surgery.


The company was really hitting the limits of WordPress and I was brought back on for the summer of 2016 to redesign the site with a more customizable framework. In 3 months I was able to port all functionality to a site built from scratch. With our new framework I was able to add a much cleaner and intuitive content management system (CMS), institutional access management, and could now provide much more detailed site analytics for the sales team.

Tech Stack

The server is built on node.js and is run on an Ubuntu node hosted by DigitalOcean. Routing is done with express.js, and we connect it to MongoDB with mongoose and grid-fs. Video hosting is done by Wistia.

Our front-end is built over the React.js framework, with backbone.js and flux.js gluing together our MVC stack. For search engine scraping purposes, the React templates are compiled server-side and javascript is bootstrapped onto the page once it’s loaded client-side. The extensive CMS system is built in the same way as the user-facing site.

Development was done with gulp as our task runner, babel as our js/React compiler, webpack as our bundler, and less as our CSS compiler.

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